"From nothing to nothing

is no time at all."




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Jon Edgell

Jon Edgell lives in Brighton, UK, and has interests in music, art, literature, travel and sport. He has written short stories for both children and adults, and articles and reviews for various websites and magazines including Viva Brighton where his Resolution won the Flash Fact Short Story Competition in February 2015.


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Resolution: A Short Essay on Time

"Fabulous, intricate, witty." C. Vesztergom



"An edgy flash fiction contemporary family life story with a dash of mystery... and a conclusion that lingers in your thoughts long after you’ve read ‘The End’." MDG



"A magical setting where images of the chalky escarpments and village atmosphere come racing back from days bygone." PS



"Your review here!" AN



Coming soon:

Buried Treasure

Short Stories Long Letters


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Expecting Great Things


Doug Snort / Our Children's Writer


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Stories in the Dark


Glen Jodle / Our Technical Writer


Coming soon:

Trading Random Numbers

Book Keeping for Beginners



resolution - available on amazon £0.99