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Nikken Vital Environment Pack Offer - Save £201 LED Light, Pure Ionised Air & PH Balanced Water When you get sick or have problems with overburdened immune systems such as allergies or fatigue you may consider changing your diet and how much exercise you're taking - both very useful. However, one aspect of your life which can place a huge burden on your immune system is environmental stress. In the East they've always been more aware of this than the West. Founded in Japan, Nikken have put groundbreaking technologies inside easy-to-use everyday items which transform your environment from creating stress to offering nurture. Even if your physical challenges aren't being caused by your environment, removing that burden can free up energy to deal with whatever else is going on. Here's an easy way to create what they call a 'Wellness Home' for you and your family. The Vital Environment Pack includes: A Waterfall Water System. (pictured right). Normally £260 . A PiMag™ Ultra Shower - which you can also use to fill your bath with PiMag™ water. Normally £129. A Kenkolight™ simulates beneficial sunlight (without UV) to support health. Normally £201 (Watch video) The KenkoAir® Purifier - (pictured below) filters and ionises the air in your home and workplace - quiet and portable. Approved by the British Allergy Association. Normally £455 + . Saving The pack costs £844, so compared to buying products separately you save £201. Plus you can split the pack with friends who may have their eye on a water system or who'd like the air purifier & ioniser when you fancy the water products.... In an attempt to get 'pure' water, some people promote distillers and reverse osmosis (R.O.) filters. While these devices work well, they take everything out of the water. Unfortunately, this 'pure' water isn't healthy. It's 'dead' water. Fish cannot live in it. If ingested for long periods of time, it can leach out valuable body minerals such as potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium. One can take supplements to replace them; however it's not easy to replace the minerals in our bodies in the same form we lost them.'' From Reverse Aging, Sang Whang How to Order There is no deadline on this offer. Just email to find out more and include a number where you can be contacted in office hours if you'd like to discuss it further. You can also order this pack online Simply click for the Nikken website choose Shop Now then Vital Packs - it's the last item on the drop down menu.

Nikken Official Website for Products » here