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Training Courses with Nikken

Humans Being More (HBM) Training will help you become the kind of person that makes success happen - rather than waiting and hoping for it to arrive.

Since 1975, hundreds of thousands of people have attended this two-day workshop. Regardless of their background, history or the language they speak, participants achieve the same outcome: Their lives are altered in a positive way and they obtain the tools and insights they need to experience more passion and better results than they ever thought possible.

It is a unique experience for each participant, filled with discoveries and positive shifts. Participants leave with a deeper understanding of what's possible for them and a stronger desire to move forward with determination. This workshop can help you achieve the following:

  • Take charge of your life with firm resolve
  • Gain more clarity on how to reach goals and objectives
  • Improve listening and communication skills
  • Gain more control in all areas of life, getting the results you say you want and helping others to do the same with increased effectiveness and efficiency
  • See and experience tangible, practical evidence that your dreams truly can become real
  • Develop an understanding of why people behave in various ways and learn how to respond appropriately to create deeper, more meaningful, lasting relationships
  • Learn about the importance of governing values and how to focus on your empowering beliefs
  • Discover your unique purpose and mission statement and make it a code to live by
  • Have fun while interacting in a way that supports your dreams and those of others

Please email or call me on 077864 05366 for more information.