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Nikken is a Japanese company created in 1975 with the aim of offering people an improved way of living. This is made possible through an idea known as Total Wellness. Instead of following the traditional approach of Western medicine focused on curing disease, Total Wellness emphasizes prevention - avoiding illness rather than curing it. This vision understands that Total Wellness depends upon the Pillars of Health - Healthy Body, Mind, Family, Society and Finances. Balance in all of these areas can help to produce a healthier, more satisfying lifestyle.

I am an independent distributor for Nikken products supplying Water Filters, Air Filters and Sleep Systems, both for the home and workplace. These wellness products are designed to deal with everyday concerns, and be integrated into the healthy lifestyle concept known as the Wellness Home - an environment that supports the health and happiness of your entire family. The great benefit of wearing such products, or having them around your home, is that once you have them ... you just have them! It takes no effort to passively receive the resulting protection and benefits. The easy way to a healthy lifestyle.

"Good ole magnetic duvet. When I allow my mind to take my body into a state of constriction and no amount of Shakti Dance, bowl playing or hit of magnesium will do the trick, the magnets never let me down. Essential trusty friends for modern day living!" TK, Ditchling

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Wellness Products

The Pi-Mag Waterfall Water Filter

More than just another water filter, the Waterfall’s active mineral-enriching filtration system creates high pH water at low cost.

More and more people today are talking about the benefits of higher pH (an abbreviation of ‘power of hydrogen’) water, sometimes known as ‘alkaline’ water. For many, it’s an essential part of their daily intake of liquids, that works to counteract the increased acidity of our modern diet. They believe that by attaining a good body balance, our overall health and wellbeing improves and that alkaline water helps restore balance, while also helping to defend your body against illness.

The PiMag Waterfall takes its inspiration from the fresh streams of Japan, where the benefits of mineral rich, alkaline spring water have been known about for centuries. This is the idea behind the PiMag Waterfall. Its silent gravity, unique active-filtration system creates water with a higher pH level than any conventional tap or bottled spring water. Its unique streamlined design features a special water chamber where mineral enriched filtered water flows over specially sourced mineral stones. These come from just beneath the ocean’s surface, off the coast of a small Korean island and contain silicate class minerals.

The active, recyclable filter offers multi stage filtration through a unique combination of ingredients. It all adds up to active purification and better alkaline water.

The Waterfall has received the coveted Gold Seal of Approval from the Water Quality Association in the USA. This accreditation is only given to water treatment systems that meet rigorous standards for performance, capacity and integrity in removing a variety of drinking water contaminants.

The Waterfall is designed to fit neatly on kitchen worktops – although, as it needs no electricity or plumbed-in water source, the Waterfall can be sited anywhere around your home. Its smart sensor knows when you’ve reached the 900 litre limit, when the LED filter life indicator located above the tap automatically turns from green to red, reminding you that it’s time to renew the filter.

The Kenko Light

Enjoy the benefits of sunshine every day of the year, with the Nikken Kenko Light.

Human beings depend on sunlight to thrive and stay healthy. and spending hours under artificial light is less than ideal for many reasons. Ordinary fluorescent or incandescent light bulbs operate in only a limited part of the light spectrum — not the broad, consistent range of wavelengths that the sun provides.

The Kenko Light produces balanced, full-spectrum light similar to sunlight. It provides the wavelengths you're missing when you're indoors — and especially during the colder months.

Research indicates that older adults who are exposed to light at the blue portion of the range (the wavelengths that are largely absent from ordinary lighting) sleep better at night. Other studies suggest that full-spectrum illumination may help in improving sleep and learning ability in adolescents.

Because the Kenko Light helps support the natural sleep-wake cycle, it complements any lifestyle. The advantages of full-spectrum light can be enjoyed by everyone. And its advanced LED technology consumes less than 30% of the electricity used to operate a single 40-watt incandescent bulb.

Learn more about the Nikken Kenkolight in this video » here

Air Filter

Bring the Great Outdoors into Your Home.

An increasing number of people live in areas with unhealthy levels of air pollution, and indoor pollution is said to be worse than outdoor air. The dust and particles in your homes are a constant stress on your body every day.

The Nikken Power5 can make breathing indoors more enjoyable because it combines advanced air filtration with negative-ion generation and aromatherapy technology. It's HEPA filter meets the standard used in laboratories and hospital operating rooms. More than a filter and deodorizer, the Power5 uses a patented process to create negative ions, like the air found in natural settings such as forests or near waterfalls. An exclusive Nikken technology, clean ion generation, produces negative ions without creating ozone. And only the Power5 adds a selectable aromatherapy system - a natural, non-invasive means of promoting wellness through relaxation and stress reduction.

The Air Wellness Power5 is designed for fully automated operation, with sensors that activate it when changes in air quality are detected. It is also supplied with a convenient remote control, and includes energy-saving features. With the Power5, you can experience the air you were meant to breathe, every day.

The Nikken Air Power5 is endorsed by the British Allergy Foundation.

The Nikken Sleep System

The Nikken Sleep System is a unique range of complementary products hat are the result of years of extensive research by medical professionals, engineers and scientists. This complete sleep solution is compromised of three core elements - a mattress, quilt and pillow. Each element functions excellently in its own right but they combine to give you the most advanced technology on the market today for better sleep.

Kenko Sleep Mask

If you are having trouble sleeping, your eyes are often the first place to show it. Our pioneering " beauty secret" is designed to help you obtain deep sleep at any time - day or night.

An important part of the Nikken Sleep System, the Kenko Sleep Mask effectively blocks out the light and ideal for a quick catnap or a deep restful night's sleep. The mask consists of a single, flexible magnet - you will benefit from the relaxing and energising effect of magnets as well as continuous balanced temperature and enhanced comfort through Far-Infrared technology.

Kenko insoles

When your feet hurt, your whole body knows it. But thanks to Nikken Kenko Insoles, you can be relaxed and comfortable even when you are on your feet all day. Turn your shoes into an energising mobile massage unit with this innovative product. Kenko Insoles feature two layers - a textured, flexible, wear-resistant outer coating, and a specially engineered, reinforcing mesah with Nikken's exclusive magnetic technology. The insoles are reversible and come in three trim-to-fit sizes for both men and women.

Sports bracelets

The TriPhase Sport Bracelet features Nikken Magnetic Technology, Far-Infrared Technology and Negative-Ion Technology within its core. The porous, permeable outer material “breathes” instead of acting as a barrier. Yet it’s strong enough to stand up to serious athletic activity. The pliable silicone is self-shaping to conform to your wrist. It’s so light, you won’t know you have it on — a plus for athletes who don’t want their golf or tennis swing affected by added weight. The neat magnetic clasp holds securely, but separates easily, eliminating any need to tug or stretch while putting it on or taking it off. The style and colors are equally attractive on men and women.

Ladies' Bead Bracelets

Also new in, these beautiful bead bracelets incorporating Nikken technologies and available in four colours. Passive health benefits, like all Nikken products, but also looking great!




Kenko Seat

From executives to lorry drivers, students or computer operators, today we spend more time sitting down than ever before. Designed with specially placed magnets and covered with 100% wool the Kenko Seat is ideal for home, office or car and comfortable in all seasons.



The Mag Creator

Give yourself or others a relaxing magnetic back massage and experience the light rolling motion that gently sweeps from your neck down to the base of your spine. The balanced bearings flow in fluid motions for a fresh, invigorating feeling.



The Mag Boy

With the unique Mag Boy Nikken have taken the familiar concept of " stress balls" one stage further to create portable stress reliever with magnetic technology. Packaged in a convenient case, these sturdy magnetic balls feature specially designed nodules that refresh and stimulate your entire body. Whether you are watching television, taking a walk, or sitting at your desk, gently roll the Mag Boy between your palms or on any part of your body you experience discomfort or tension.


Kenko Relax Pads

Relaxation and stress-free technology - exactly where you need it most. Kenko Relax Pads fit perfectly against your skin and feature EQL Magnetic and Far-Infrared technology to help sooth away those aches and strains.



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"As a very down to earth person who always feels that the proof of the pudding is in the eating, I can certainly recommend the Nikken magnets as very effective tools in relieving arthritic joint and general muscle and tendon pain and stiffness. However, I originally purchased a Nikken magnet to help combat a severe viral infection about eight years ago. This was my first experience of using one and to my utter amazement the magnet alleviated all sorts of bizarre symptoms and sensations which anyone who has experienced a viral infection will be aware of. In recent times, I have also suffered neuralgic damage and the magnet works incredibly well on releasing the infection and pain which often accompanies this, by using this alongside hot salt water bathes, I can keep totally on top of the symptoms which courses of antibiotics fail to do. You will find that your skin will often go red on the outside and this reddening will sometimes be very prominent or slight, depending on the severity of your condition. Sometimes you will also experience a slightly heated feeling. You will usually sense an immediate improvement in your symptoms within a few minutes. Use your own instincts as to how long you need to rub the magnet across your skin, you will soon judge what works best for your condition. My experience has always been that the magnet works safely on any part of the body, however if you have had a metal plate fitted anywhere or have a pacemaker then make proper enquiries with Nikken as to the safety of using one because it is a powerful tool and may have an impact." HB, Birmingham

"For many years I have suffered from acute hayfever. I have tried both medical drugs (anti-histamines) and natural therapies such as homeopathy, vitamins and honey, none with any sustained success. This season I discovered the Kenko Air Filter - sleeping with it in my room at night which was often my worst time. My hayfever was markedly better and I awoke in the mornings clear of my usual symptoms; the Air Filter had a greater effect on my hayfever than anything else I have ever tried and I noticed if I had to spend a night away from home. I have also noticed my previous allergy to cats has diminished. I would love to have the Air Filter in every room in my house and in my office at work." JE, Brighton

"My story with Nikken is a very profound one. In March of this year my fit and healthy husband had a massive stroke at the age of 41. He was paralysed on his right side, with no speech and incontinent. The prognosis was very grim - I was told that he would be severely disabled and would not be able to walk again. I had found Nikken two weeks before his stroke and was considering what products to buy. Now I knew I had to get as many products as soon as I could for both him, and for all the family, to enable his body to heal in the right environment and to support us through this hugely traumatic time. I surrounded him in hospital with the power bands, the Kenko seat, the pimag water, and the MStride insoles inside the far infrared socks. I rolled the magduo over his head, arm and legs. Miracles happen; my husband started to walk again within 8 weeks. Once he returned home he also had the Sleep System and Air purifier. His energy and strength returned. He now has boundless energy and is walking well. He is continuing to recover." AP, Brighton

"Last July I fell and tore the Quad tendon off my left knee. I had surgery the day after. The first two weeks were horrible with a lot of pain. On a scale from 1 to 10 it was an 11. I had gotten away from using Nikken products at this point. Plus, I heard the tendons don't heal as quick as bones and I so thought the Nikken magnets wouldn't help. Physical Therapy took for ever. Well I fell again, the same way and ripped the tendon again. But this time I put Nikken magnets on as soon as I got home from the hospital. I had a little pain like maybe a 3 or 4. Yesterday I went to the surgeon for a 6 week check. By the way I have to wear a huge metal brace. The surgeon took off the brace and asked what else I was wearing and I told him "Magnets". He just kinda said "OK" and then started looking and gently bending my knee. He looked at me and said "Your knee is already bending to 90 degrees, what have you been doing? It's only been six weeks". I replied nothing except wearing the magnets and doing what you said, babying it. Then he gave me the look-"What else". I said nothing.. He then said "Well I'm very happy about this. Keep doing the nothing and wear the magnets. Do you have any info about the magnets?" Of course I did.. I'm amazed. Here is what I use. The Power Chip and the Kenko Therm Knee. If you have chronic pain and want to try something new..." John, US



Please note: Our Independent Nikken Consultants do not make any medical claims. Nikken products are not medical devices and may not be recommended to treat specific medical conditions.

People who are in their first 3 months of pregnancy, or who have a pacemaker, health problem or electronic device (either implanted or external) should consult their doctor or manufacturer of the device before using magnetic products.

Do not place Nikken's magnetic products in direct contact with magnetically sensitive items such as watches, video and audiotapes, computer discs, credit cards and portable electronic equipment.

Statutory Warning: It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.

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