Come on "a Journey of Discovery"

"From about age 11, I suffered from acne; the pain and shame with regard to my peers seemed to last forever. When I was 14, at last my mother decided I should consult a dermatologist. So ... by eating proper foods, my teenager's skin, wellbeing and self-esteem improved enormously over the course of just a few months. Thus was born my interest in the importance of nutrition, which has endured throughout my life. I recently started consulting Nicki Edgell, and realised my view of nutrition must change. There's much, much more to it - it's a whole way of life, linked to who you are as an individual - but I've only just started on this journey and there's so much to discover! What's happened for me in the ten weeks or so of following Nicki's recommendations as best I can, is that I can actually pinpoint the time when I woke up without pain in my hands; when I started feeling less bloated after eating; when my outlook on life started becoming truly positive ... and so much more... Such a short space of time, and so much to look forward to. Nicki is inspirational in her humble conviction and her empathy. If you truly value your health, wish to turn your life around and embrace all it can hold for you, she's a brilliant guide. Thank you so much, Nicki. It's great knowing you! Much love,"

Jocelyn, Lewes

"I think you are fantastic at what you do and make it sooo easy to talk about things without making me feel that I have a big problem. "

Jackie, London

"After trying every remedy and treatment, both orthodox and alternative, I finally visited Nicki, recommended to me by a friend. I had been suffering with 3 auto-immune conditions, one of which was a fairly rare skin condition which I’d had for about 2 years and which was making my life a misery as I itched so much! After my first appointment with Nicki and following her advice I swear I stopped itching within about 2 weeks! My skin is now clear, my energy levels high and, as an added bonus, by following her nutritional suggestions – I’ve lost weight! Thanks Nicki! "

Jo, Lewes

"Nicki Edgell has been instrumental in the healing process of my entire family. She was a naturopath that I consulted a few years ago to initially attend to my asthma issues, and as a consequence her knowledge has lead me on a journey of discovery about my health, and the complex story that it is. Once I understood about inflammation and the many faces that it presents in body health, and mind and spirit, I was better equipped to deal with my health problems as I was clear about the root cause. This root is rarely explored by medical practitioners. This learning curve, whether it be about the importance of water, or avoiding foods like gluten, grains, dairy, saponins and so forth, has been key to help me care for myself and my family. As someone who cured herself of asthma purely through food and lifestyle changes, I am in a great place of faith to now nurture my children using this same knowledge, which is a continuously evolving process. It would be pertinent to add that one of my sons is on the autistic spectrum, and Nicki has taken me on a path which has yielded wonderful results in his troublesome, but very much improving, gastrointestinal health. With this healing of the gut I can see my son beginning to function at a higher level, with much more promise to come. Nicki is intuitive and is smart about food, the environment, physical, mental and spiritual health, I would recommend her to anyone. "

Lynn, Brighton

"Good ole magnetic duvet. When I allow my mind to take my body into a state of constriction and no amount of Shakti Dance, bowl playing or hit of magnesium will do the trick, the magnets never let me down. Essential trusty friends for modern day living! "

Tiffany, Ditchling