A positive attitude

You are what you think

Our attitudes and beliefs are central to our health. Research has shown that positive and negative emotions create entirely different responses in the chemical activity and energy flow of the body. We actually create our circumstances by our thoughts, emotions and actions.

Negative attitudes and stress contribute to the development of an acidic condition in the body. Energy is diminished, overall depletion occurs and an environment for disease to thrive in is created. A positive mental attitude, reflected in the ways we think and act, is essential to a complete program for whole health.

In his book Defy Aging, Michael Brickey PhD, reports on scientific studies about aging as well as interviews with vibrant centenarians to learn from their experience. He determined that 30% of longevity and vitality is attributed to heredity, while 70% derives from our attitudes and lifestyle. Clearly our health and well-being are ours to determine. His conclusions corroborate many other recent studies: diseases (e.g. heart attacks/cancer/diabetes) may be preventable. They are clearly affected by what we eat and drink, the amount of stress in our lives, and how we think (attitudes) - i.e. by our lifestyle and environment.

For a fascinating insight into Attitude view this talk available on the inspiring TED website, The Happy Secret to Better Work.

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