Chi - the vital energy

Running on Empty?

The human body runs on electrical energy and depends on having an adequate supply to re-charge and re-energize cells. Chi, vital energy, should circulate freely throughout the body. When this occurs the body is able to cope with stress, detoxify and maintain the balance of life known as homeostasis. However in today's society people are suffering because the stress response is repeated many times a day and dealing with this constant condition saps energy. Consequently we feel drained, tired, depleted and everything is an effort. When energy reserves are compromised one is more susceptible to disease. Aging is the result of a general loss of electrical vitality (energy) in the body.

How different do you feel about going into work on a Monday morning when you've had a good night's sleep? When we have energy we feel good, great, wonderful and able to accomplish anything. We are more readily able to cope with what life throws at us and things don't get you down so easily. Understanding how to increase and maintain the energy supply in one's body allows one to slow down the aging process and to live a more healthy life.

Ways to increase energy and promote health are to eat fresh organic foods, use whole-food organic supplements, get quality sleep for recovery, breathe fresh air, drink pure energized water, have a positive attitude, reduce environmental toxins at home and protect oneself from the EMF's (electro magnetic fields) of modern technology (cell phones, computers, microwaves and florescent lights). Taking a period of silence during the day will slow down your organs, calm your brain and increase your awareness.

Natural Earth Energies

Natural forces are found everywhere in our universe. These natural occurring energies are a pre-condition for all forms of life and form the basic study fundamentals of chemistry, physics and biology.

Magnetic Energy

Magnetic Energy, a fundamental part of the universe, is essential for healthy growth and the production of all living things. The Earth itself is a giant magnet with positive and negative (north and south) poles. Human beings have always lived within this magnetic field – until fairly recently. Over the past few centuries, our civilization has developed structures (steel buildings) and machines (cars, trains and planes) that have disrupted the flow of this energy, causing a reduction in its strength.

We are also surrounded by sources of alternating currents (electromagnetism) from cell phones and computers, which are harmful to us. Dr. Kyoichi Nagawa, a leading scientist in the field of biomagnetics, concluded that the weaker magnetic field of modern times has caused what he has termed Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome (MDS). The progressive degradation of the Earth's magnetic field, combined with our increased electronic environment, is responsible for many ailments ranging from fatigue and headaches to immune dysfunction. To help deflect this "electrical smog", people are placing magnets near their computers. Others are using magnetic sleep systems, such as mattresses and pillows, to balance their magnetic energy. Still others are using magnets on various parts of their bodies to increase circulation and help rid themselves of pain.

Scientists have discovered that if a blood vessel passes at right angles over an alternating magnetic field it will expand, thus increasing its circulation capacity. Nikken have developed magnetic products containing a checkerboard pattern of north and south pole magnets, so that any blood vessel going in any direction will expand as it crosses over the pad. These magnets have been integrated into mattresses, pillows, car seats, bracelets, rings, and other devices.

Since the 1950s there has been much research done in Japan on the use of these devices to combat MDS. In the treatment of sprains, strains, broken bones, burns, and cuts, magnetic field therapy allows these conditions to heal better, more quickly, and with less scar tissue. In the treatment of chronic conditions, such as some forms of arthritis, degenerative joint conditions, diabetic ulcers, and cancer, magnetic field therapy has shown dramatic results in reversing the condition.

One of the new diagnostic methods being used in modern medicine is MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). This system visualizes tissues within the body without invasive techniques or x-rays and is used prior to surgery to look for damage to injured joints or other abnormalities. Other tools in hospitals include MKG (magnetocardiogram), similar to an EKG, and MEGS (magnetoencephalogram), similar to an EEG.

Yet, the use of magnets is very old. In the 4th century B.C., Aristotle wrote of the therapeutic properties of magnets, while in the 2nd century A.D., Greek physician Galen used natural magnets to relieve pain from many ailments. In the 1st century A.D. the Chinese began documenting effects on health that were related to variations in the Earth's magnetic field.

Nikken has been at the forefront of magnetic technology and they continue to lead-the-field by developing products that help restore the conditions in which human beings are meant to live and thrive.

Far-infrared Energy

Far-Infrared, another naturally occuring energy, has its origin in sunlight, which provides a broad array of energy wavelengths upon which all living organisms are dependent.

Nikken employs Far-Infrared Technology to absorb light or heat and reflect it in the far-infrared range to provide optimum temperature and an alkaline environment, which encourages and supports the body's natural healing resources. This technology is employed in Nikken Sleep System products.

This extensive span of wavelengths within sunlight is also believed to be responsible for regulating certain biorhythms, including the human sleep cycle, which led to the development of the Kenko Full-Spectrum Lamp.

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