Oxygen, Water, Nutrition, Energy, Rest

Most people believe that when we're over 50 our body starts to fall apart and we can expect to live with aches and pains. This myth is prevalent in our society. Studies are showing that we are meant to live a life that is enjoyable and purposeful - physically healthy and mentally sharp, full of vitality-for up to 120 years!

A basic assumption of all theories of natural health is that when the body is functioning as it was intended, without excess stress, it has the capacity to heal itself. Studies show that 90% of pain is a result of stress and worry, so rather than reach for pain-killer drugs, the best way to care for our body is to reduce stress and keep the body systems functioning well. Instead of treating symptoms, we must look for the underlying cause of the malfunctioning body.

All life begins and ends with cells. Cells create tissue which creates organs which create systems which create the body. So a critical question is: What do cells need to stay healthy? Oxygen, Water, Nutrition, Energy/exercise/elimination, Rest. Disease comes when these basic cellular needs are not met and the body is unable to function in its self-healing capacity.

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