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A positive attitude

You are what you think

Our attitudes and beliefs are central to our health. Research has shown that positive and negative emotions create entirely different responses in the chemical activity and energy flow of the body. We actually create our circumstances by our thoughts, emotions and actions.

Stress comes in many forms, but is fundamentally the result of the way we think and experience life. Our outlook on life is a significant factor in our well-being. Negative attitudes and stress contribute to the development of an acidic condition in the body. Energy is diminished, overall depletion occurs and an environment for disease to thrive is created.

Peace of mind is greatly enhanced when we are grounded in a spiritual life that brings perspective and meaning to the challenges of life. A positive attitude of gratitude reduces stress, while a negative attitude of worry and fear creates tension and dis-ease. Optimism and a positive attitude greatly diminish the incidence of depression and its devastating effects of impairing sleep, appetite, energy levels, the immune system and the capacity to enjoy life. A positive mental attitude, reflected in the ways we think and act, is essential to a complete program for whole health.

Just as the food we eat (and absorb) determines the health of our cells, so what we feed our mind determines our mental well-being. The emotional baggage and the mental attitude we are carrying significantly affect the health of our body. It is therefore vital to tackle emotional issues as part of the overall healing process.

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